What do you think are its best selling points? What could they improve?

The easiest tests to find information about here are the Weschler set (WAIS, WISC, WPPSI) or the Stanford Binet (SB5), but there are others out there. If you try this with one of those, make sure it is an INDIVIDUAL IQ test (we will do the group ones in the next chapter).
Let’s see how much you’ve gathered about the way these work. First give your understanding of the ideas: subtest, factor, overall IQ. Then look at the descriiption of whatever test you chose (please include the website!), and see if you can describe the FACTORS the test looks at (they may also be called summary scores). Did you find anything about basals and ceilings for your test? If so, describe how they work. Do the rules make sense? (If you didn’t find them for yours, see if you can find the rules for a different test).
Overall, do you like this test? What do you think are its best selling points? What could they improve?

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