What are the main characteristics of these two different dance aesthetics/genres?

Please watch the Mini Lecture Video on Social Responsibility if you have not already done so.
Social responsibility is one of Collin College’s core competencies, and Dance Appreciation is one of many core curriculum courses designated to develop this awareness. For the purposes of the Core Curriculum, the State of Texas defines “Social Responsibility” as including “intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities.”
Social responsibility connects to dance, for dancers and choreographers have long used movement and performance to make statements about social and political issues including war, civil rights, democracy, and freedom. Over the past few weeks we have encountered quite a few dancers/choreographers who make work that comments on the world. Remember Kyle Abraham’s Pavement and Paul Taylor’s Promethean Fire? Katherine Dunham, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, and many, many other dancers/choreographers have used their voices and their craft, dance, to raise awareness.
To get started:
Please watch the following two dance videos and type a formal paper that addresses the categories listed below.
*Table of Silence Project performance begins at 23:45.
Successful papers will incorporate the following elements:
Introductory Paragraph (5 points)
Introduce the focus for the paper with the intent of engaging the reader.
Note the dance titles and the choreographers’ names.
Understanding Dance Aesthetics/Communities (20 points)
We will think about the people who dance in a specific style/genre or in a specific piece of choreography as a community. What are the two dance aesthetics/genres that we see here? What styles of dance do they perform?
What are the main characteristics of these two different dance aesthetics/genres?
Societal Issues & Dance (25 points)
What are the different societal issues that these two dance dances address?
How might people be affected by these issues?
How is dance used to address these issues? What movements do you see that embody the choreographers’ messages?
Impact of Social Engagement – compare & contrast (25 points)
Why might these choreographers have chosen to dance their responses to these societal issues? What factors might encourage or prohibit their decision to create dance that makes a social/political statement?
Do these dances effectively make a point? Why or why not?
What might be a takeaway for an audience member who experienced/witnessed this dance?
Concluding Paragraph (5 points)
Summarize the main points from the paper and leave the reader with a final impression.
Expression (10 points)
Writing exhibits pro

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