Read the Human Trafficking Case (Attached) and use it to analyze types of evaluations

Read the Human Trafficking Case (Attached)
and use it to analyze types of evaluations.
Although multiple types of evaluations or a mix of types can be used, for this discussion pick one type; it can be a needs assessment, process assessment, or outcome assessment. In fact, one type of evaluation was used in the Human Trafficking case situation. You don’t always need to make your designs complicated.
As in most evaluation decisions, there are no right or wrong answers.
The important things are to pick what you’re doing, explain it clearly, and justify your choices.
Argue for using one particular evaluation type and against another evaluation type.
Ensure that you include how you are going to make your assessment participatory or how it will benefit participants. Please cite the textbook in your post.
(Textbook is :
Grinnell, R. M., Jr., Gabor, P. A., & Unrau, Y. A. (2016). Program evaluation for social workers: Foundations of evidence-based programs (7th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Chapter 2: Approaches and types of evaluations)
Other resources:

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