o find a case where a public figure or limited purpose public figure is suing a media outlet for defamation.

Please read all below and all files attached: Directions is the file called Law Project and You will need to do parts 5-7.
Part 5: is two page bulleted similar to part 2
Part 6: this needs to be four pages and is similar to part 3/4
and 7: needs to be 5 pages uses the main case and new case
For Part 5: You need to find a case where a public figure or limited
purpose public figure is suing a media outlet for defamation. The First Amendment threshold and requirement of actual malice needs to be comparable. My main case is Croce v The New York Times so you will need to find a similar case but not older than 10 years but taken place before the Croce v The New York Times.
You will need to find a similar case to the one that was used in parts 1-4. This case needs to have been taken before the other case and can’t be later than 10 years old from today. You will use the new case to complete parts 5 and 6. Part 7 will consist of both the cases together. Please look at the files 1-4 to see the first case used and find a similar to complete 5 and 6. Please refer to the directions for part 5, 6 and 7. Part 5 should be a billet list similar to part 1 but with a brand new case and part 6 should be similar to part 4 but with the new case. I have attached 1-4 for you to see the pervious case and what I am looking for. Parts 5,6, and 7 need to be completed

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