importance of family and having a good support system.

This is an English class. MLA Format. 3 Pages. See attachments for more information. video 5 & 6 were not able to be converted and sent as links so the moral of the 5th video ( Matt’s Video) has to do with the importance of family and having a good support system. He works to support his 5 siblings and finds happiness in it. He surrounds himself with people who he wants to be like and treats people the way he would want be treated. Life is simple for him and his family but he likes it that way.
The 6th video (Cassandra’s Video) talked about the changing dynamic between a parent and child. Specifically in the way that a parent starts out as the caregiver for the child but explains how, in cassandra’s case, it’s her turn to take care of them now and she finds happiness in doing so.
Videos 1-4 in order

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