Do you develop case studies that accurately illustrate each of the four concepts in practice?

The goal of this assignment is for you to convey to me why an “organizing crime” (v) perspective is more accurate and beneficial than an “organized crime” (n) perspective when it comes to scholarship, analysis, investigations, policies, etc.
In order to do this, I am asking you to analyze Buntin’s L.A. Noir from the perspectives of steps in the “organizing crime” process): legitimate and illegitimate social power (ie, Mann’s IEMP/McIllwain’s “shadow” IEMP, opportunities (structural holes/key brokers), social networks, social capital (especially “new property”), and the social system of organized crime.
Specifically, you need to:
Define/explain each of these five concepts (covered in lectures and addressed directly and indirectly in course readings) and
Develop a case study drawn from L.A. Noir’s material that illustrates each of the five concepts in practice.
Conclude with your thoughts on the utility of the organizing vs. organized crime perspective.
The “organizing crime” steps are as follows (I include hints as to where to find info on each; note lectures and reading lists pertaining to the weekly course topics for more leads):
Legitimate and illegitimate sources of social power (i.e., Mann’s IEMP/McIllwain’s “shadow” IEMP). [Note: Do not respond to “I” (ideology). Instead, give both an example of a legitimate and illegitimate (aka “shadow”) “E” (economic), “M” (military), AND “P” (political”) per class discussion of Mann readings.]
Opportunity (structural holes/key brokers).
Social networks.
Social capital (especially “new property”).
The social system of organized crime.
Do not write the paper as an essay. Break it down into the following outline with a response for each section:
Define and Explain the Five Concepts
Legitimate and Illegitimate Social Power (i.e., Mann’s IEMP/McIllwain’s “shadow” IEMP)
Opportunities (Structural Holes/Key Brokers)
Social Capital (especially “New Property”)
Social Networks
The Social System of Organized Crime
Legitimate and Illegitimate Social Power L.A. Noir Case Study
Opportunities (Structural Holes) L.A. Noir Case Study
Social Capital (especially “New Property”) L.A. Noir Case Study
Social Networks L.A. Noir Case Study
The Social System of Organized Crime L.A. Noir Case Study
Conclusion: Why “organizing crime” (v) instead of “organized crime” (n)?
What am I assessing in this paper?
Are you conveying an appropriate understanding of the five concepts?
Are you conveying a thorough application of assigned readings and lecture while conveying that understanding?
Are you applying additional concepts learned in class and the readings in support of your work (i.e., power and enterprise syndicates, catchment areas, etc.)?
Do you develop case studies that accurately illustrate each of the four concepts in practice?
Is your work properly referenced?
How effective is your concluding argument related to “organizing” vs. “organized” crime?
Is your paper written properly (style, substance, grammar, structure, etc.)?
Do you follow all directions?
Do you communicate a thorough understanding of the course material?
Cite your sources [use in-text citation (McIllwain: 49)]. Provide a works-cited page at the end of the paper (it does not count towards page total).

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