Explain Foot’s interpretation of Thrasymachus’s theory.

The assignment:
In her essay “Moral Beliefs,” Philippa Foot discusses Thrasymachus’s theory of justice. In a paper of three or four pages,
Explain Foot’s interpretation of Thrasymachus’s theory.
Explain why she thinks the theory is important.
Discuss Foot’s response to it.
Finally, consider whether (or to what extent) Socrates would agree with her response, and why.
Attached is the reading, this is the only source to be used for this paper. Also adding the format the professor directly stated they wanted: Intro: What you’re going to tell me [Introductory sentence, thesis statement, plan] Body: Tell [One argument/idea per paragraph, use examples to illustrate your argument, analyze your examples] Conclusion: Tell me what you told [Reiterate the claim you’ve made in the paper]

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