Does the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (Directive 2014/95/EU) enforce Corporate Social Responsibility for large companies in The Netherlands?

TOPIC TITLE: Does the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (Directive 2014/95/EU) enforce Corporate Social Responsibility for large companies in The Netherlands?
Minimum Format Requirements for the Thesis
a. A4 Paper
b. Length: 7,000 (minimum) to 10,000 words maximum (approximately 250 words per page),
excluding Title page, TOC, Bibliography, and Footnotes1
c. Font: Times New Roman 12
d. Margins: 2.5 cm all sides, page numbers: bottom center
e. Paragraph structure: indented paragraphs (1 tab –5 spaces) with no additional spaces
between paragraphs
f. Line spacing: 1 1/2 spaced (extra space before and after sub-headings)
g. Paper must include the following items:
1) Title page with the title of your paper, your name and student number, the name of
your mentor, date of submission;
2) A Table of Contents
3) A Table of Abbreviations if appropriate
4) A Main Body which includes:
i. An Introduction setting out the legal issue and the critique which the Thesis
ii. A Main Body which explores and critiques the Thesis and which includes at
least three sections, with each section composed of subsections,
iii. A Conclusion which re-states the findings and analysis included in
the paper;
5) The Thesis should be supported with research and properly footnoted (not endnotes)
in conformance with the Oxford Style manual for citation of legal authority (OSCOLA)
or other style manual agreed upon by the student and Supervisor. Failure to provide
proper attribution of material used in a thesis will result in a referral to the Exam Board
for plagiarism.
6) A bibliography containing all sources and only those sources cited in the Thesis and
organized alphabetically by category of source (books and treatises; articles; cases;
reports, etc.).
I have attached a ”draft” and ”table of contents” which my supervisor had revised and gave me feedback on. I also have attached the course descriiption for Thesis.
Citation style is OSCOLA.
I need 35 sources minimum and, if possible, also relevant case law to support the Thesis (for example: Milieudefensis v
Royal Dutch Shell plc. case for the Environmental law/ possibly Human Rights law chapter). Case law also needs to be OSCOLA cited.
I had hired someone to write this thesis, however, I am not entirely too happy with their services. I will include their document as well; there might be some parts which you deem relevant and are able to use.
I also would like to include 2 chapters that focus on the directive in relation to human rights, as well as environment law. These chapters should focus on the violations within corporations pertaining to human rights and environmental law. This should then in return be related to CSR. The other thesis had included these chapters, however, in my opinion it was focused too much on 1 specific thing, instead of human rights violations that occur more often within corporations and the information provided in the Thesis was not clear at all. The environmental law chapter that I had received was also way too short. So basically, I would need a more structured and clear thesis.
Thank you in advance! 🙂

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