choose an animal that you find interesting, and report one adaptation that it possesses.

M11 Discussion: Animal Adaptations
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Darwin’s finches, drawn by Darwin. Getty Collections
For this week’s discussion, choose an animal that you find interesting, and report one adaptation that it possesses. Be sure to report the environmental condition that the adaptation helps the animal to overcome and the references you used to locate the information.
Discussion Directions:
After you type your initial post by Wednesday evening at 11:59 pm, then read through the other entries and reply directly to at least two classmates by Friday evening at 11:59 pm. When you reply, ALWAYS type the name of the classmate you are responding to, and your name at the bottom of the message. Make sure to use professional grammar and punctuation in this college level course in all correspondence. Please avoid “text” or “twitter speak” when corresponding.
Post by Wednesday at 11:59 pm
Respond to at least 1 classmate by Friday at 11:59pm

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