Write a time management Plan for the project.

Please the “Title” names as paragraph headings. The project title is Improving Manufacturing Performances. I would like to manage would be to improve different problems at a manufacturing company. In facilities as big as a factory there are factors that get looked over because their main focus is production, numbers and making money. Considering these changes can take place the production could possibly run smoother. They could make more money quarterly and the numbers would always be high. Assembly line manufacturing and mass production is what the work was called. The work load for manufacture work is hard work but needs a lot of improving in different ways. Some things that need improving are: engaging with employees that work on the line concerning downtime, improve training, more organization, wasting efficiency and preventive maintenance. Downtime is something that can happen for different reasons. There may be some issues with stock, like there not enough to finish out your job you are doing at the time. Someone else could have slowed you down. It could just happen to be you not paying attention to what is coming down the line. Communication from process coaches could help address many issue that come with downtime. Seeing that downtime could be caused by many different factors this is a for sure thing that could improve the assembly line. Training is one major process that will help fix many issue that manufacturing facilities face. Cross training is one thing that will help with not burning your employed out. Cross training the practice of training your employees to work in several different roles, or training them to do tasks that lie outside their normal responsibilities. Proper training can cut down on downtime as well as accident and injuries. Organization can be done in a few different ways. Work stations organization need to be enforced because it will cause less mistakes and injuries. A clear station will keep you up to speed with your work and where your parts and tools are. Also, management can organize things like how they start the day off by setting the line up correctly and not confusing themselves as well as the employees. Waste can pertain to a few different things. Time, supplies or part, and space. Supplies is the most wasted thing in manufacturing. Things drop or get broke and are pushed to the side. When this happens, an employee will usually forget to pick it up and not tell any leader that something is broken. Like stated before keeping your area clear will help with organization and keeping waste under control. Time wasted ties into downtime and money wasted. If these issues can get under control there is a chance of improving the performance of manufacturing in factories. Getting communication under control, Waste, engaging with employees to get downtime down and keeping things organized. Based on the information above please respond to 2), 3), 4), 5), and 6)
2) 4 pages
Title: Project and Scope Management Plan
Write a project and scope management plan for your selected project. Include a project charter and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a visual, hierarchical and deliverable-oriented deconstruction of a project. It is a helpful diagram for project managers because it allows them to break down their project scope and visualize all the tasks required to complete their projects.
3) 3 pages
Title: Project Time Management Plan
Write a time management Plan for the project. The plan should include the defined activities, a timeline using a Gantt chart that includes the key project tasks and related timeframes and durations, and a schedule of deliverables.
4) 4 pages
Title: Cost and Quality
Write a cost and quality management plan for the project. Include a budget identifying all the costs associated with the project. The key here is in the details: you do not want to miss any expenses. Your WBS can be helpful in helping identify cost areas. Also, explain how quality will be managed. What tools and techniques will be used.
5) 4 pages
Title: HR & Communication Plan
Write a human resource and communication plan for your selected project. Must include a responsibility assignment matrix which is a chart that maps out every task, milestone or key decision involved in completing a project and assigns which roles are Responsible for each action item, which personnel are Accountable, and, where appropriate, who needs to be Consulted or Informed.
6) 3 pages
Title: Risk Management
Write a risk management plan for your project. Include ways that you will mitigate each risk.

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