write a 10 – 20 page* biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment on the family in the novel as if they were a client that you have today in your city (thus apply local addresses of hospitals, schools etc. to the case).

Background:. A biopsychosocial assessment is a term used to describe the client’s story, taking into account personal, psychological, and social factors that may have some bearing on the client’s current life situation. It functions as a prerequisite to any intervention effort. The client’s situation must be thoroughly understood, their eligibility for service determined, and their capacities for change assessed. This biopsychosocial assessment and service/treatment plan will be on a client system (i.e. individual and family) featured in the assigned novel that each student will read.
Objectives: The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the lecture and reading materials and the ability to complete a comprehensive assessment, set goals, and develop a treatment plan for an identified client.
Identification and utilization of appropriate tools and information to ascertain client strengths and limitations
Demonstrate an ability to develop mutually-agreed upon goals
Determining the appropriateness of an intervention strategy within the conceptualization of a model, theory, or practice perspective for application with a client
Recognizing and responding to the emotional and behavioral needs of clients.
Demonstrating an ability to obtain collateral information
Developing skills in multidimensional and comprehensive assessments
Demonstrate an ability to select and utilizes validated assessment tools to track client progress
Read the novel, “Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures”
Then, write a 10 – 20 page* biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment on the family in the novel as if they were a client that you have today in your city (thus apply local addresses of hospitals, schools etc. to the case). I want you to treat this assessment with Lia and her family as if these were current clients you have in 2019. For example, if Lia** is almost 4 years old, then she would have been born in 2017 as her birthdate in the book is July 19th. (**Please note that Lia would be considered the primary client but you also need to work with her parents as she is a minor)
You will need to intervene in the story where Lia has just returned home from living with the Kordas, prior to the last seizure which rendered her a vegetable, she is approximately of 3 1/2 years-old. You will intervene as the medical social worker in this case at this point. For this assignment, you will act as if you have been brought in to the case to work with Lia Lee and her family due to the ongoing complications in managing Lia’s health and the family’s struggles with implementing the medications and doctor’s recommendations.
In writing the paper, think about all that has been happening in the story to Lia and her family due to cultural issues, lack of cultural competence and sensitivity on the part of the medical and social service providers; as well as the language, education, and religious barriers experienced by her parents. Think of ways you could have helped make Lia’s situation turn out better than it did for her when writing goals and the intervention plan.
This paper does not follow classic APA writing formats as your groups’ paper should be single-spaced with a single blank space between paragraphs and the end of paragraphs and the start of new headings (see format sample provided below)
You will not use in-text citations for the novel as the content in the book is your client information which you are reporting in your assessment. However, anything in the book said by someone that you want to directly quote you can by placing it into quotation marks and saying who said it, but you do not need to cite the page number from whence the quote came.
However, you will be using in-text citations in the development and service treatment planning sections of the assessment to cite the resources you identified related to the development of the client and theoretical treatment approaches and interventions.
Please use the blank biopsychosocial form (also attached to assignment link) as all of my descriiptions provided in each section must be deleted or you will lose points on each section that has my descriiptions.
*Remember to add the paper submission checklist, a cover sheet (title page), running header, page numbers, and a reference page to the assignment. (cover sheet and reference page do not count towards page limits)
The paper should follow the format provided with the exception of making sure to remove all bullets so that all writing is in narrative format (e.g. the whole document should be single-spaced and double-spaced between paragraphs and major headings – see outline below).
Make sure that all of your narration is not bold and after each heading set-up and narration follows the following guidelines:
Left Hand Justified Headings – Narration is left hand justified starting on the first line below heading
Italicized subheadings with a period – Narration starts two spaces after the period and should be in a hanging indent aligned with the subheading on subsequent lines.
Subheadings within boxes – Narration starts two spaces after the colon
For grading purposes – Add and use the Paper Submission Checklist to the front of your paper prior to submitting it to Canvas for grading
A example is attached to see how my paper needs to be.
Other sources to use: https://effectivechildtherapy.org/therapies/
Perspectives Theories and Models Cheat Sheet.pdf (do not cite this as a source) – can be used as an initial tool to get you started in terms of figuring out which theories, models, or perspectives you want to use but you will need to find other sources to cite once you decide on each.
Dissecting Perspectives theories and models.docx – (you do not need to include this document in your biopsychosocial but you do use it to make sure you are completely identifying all you need to explain and apply the different approaches in the paper).

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