What would you say is the single most important concept you learned during the course?

This course was designed to give you insight on diversity, anthropology, and cultural sensitivity for working in the Human services Field. I am hoping you have learned many tips and insight tohelp you as you grow to become a successful professional in the career field.
In 500 words or more, utilizing APA format for in text citations and references for resources you take information from, complete the following in essay format:
For this assignment, Review in your mind, the most important learning experiences you had in the course.
Describe each in regard to what happened to you, how you felt as a result of the experience, and what you learned.
Categorize each learning experience in relation to the professional skill development models you reviewed in Chapter 2.
What would you say is the single most important concept you learned during the course?
(Diller, J., 2016. Cultural Diversity. 8th ed. Boston: Cengage).

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