What is the overall point of the play or the novel?

(These questions are guidelines and all do not have to be answered) Analyze how the work is structured to dramatize a conflict between order and chaos. What is the overall point of the play or the novel? How secure is the existing order (whether personal or societal) presented in the work, and what threatens it? To what extent do the responses of the work’s main characters to such threats reflect the strengths and weaknesses of those individual’s identities? What is the significance of the traditional, socially constructed patterns/institutions (religion, politics, family, etc) existing in the society in which the character’s live, and how does the existence of those institutions affect the character’s responses to their situations? How does the narrative structure of the work allow readers to develop a perspective on the motivations and limitations of those major characters, and why is it important that their humanity is thereby revealed? To what extent does the author validate and/or criticize the main characters , and how is it relevant to the point of the work? Does the author imply that individuals have any control over their lives, and how is that connected to the ways in which the order/chaos conflict is dramatized? Does the ending of the work present a resolution of the conflict, and why is that important?

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