What are the factors that a judge would consider to determining whether to award alimony?

First, read these three cases regarding alimony.
New Jersey case – https://law.justia.com/cases/new-jersey/appellate-division-unpublished/2017/a1904-14.html
Tennessee case- https://law.justia.com/cases/tennessee/court-of-appeals/2020/m2018-01858-coa-r3-cv.html
Florida case – https://law.justia.com/cases/florida/supreme-court/1992/76885-0.html
Next, research the law in your state (either where you live now or where you are from) and determine what the law provides regarding alimony. Are there different types of alimony? What are the factors that a judge would consider to determining whether to award alimony?
Finally, what do you think would happen under the law of your state in the following three situations?
1. Luther and Jill are divorcing. Luther was a stay-at-home dad for the past 10 years while Jill advanced her career to the point of being a partner in a large law firm, where she makes $300,000 a year. Luther claims that staying home has prevented him from being able to now find a job, but he has a PhD in Psychology and is fully licensed to practice in the state where they live. Does Jill have to pay alimony? Explain.
2. Shakima and Norm have been married for 35 years. Shakima, who managed the household, has not worked outside of the home during these 35 years. Shakima has a college degree from 35 years ago but otherwise has no further education or training. Norm works as a real estate agent. Their children are grown and out of the house. Norm wants to move on with his new boyfriend. Norm has offered to give the house to Shakima but Norm does not want to pay any alimony. Does Norm have to pay alimony? Explain.
3. Glenda and Ruth are not married but have lived together for the past 20 years in the state of Colorado. Ruth moved out last week and went to live with her youngest sister. Glenda has relied on Ruth’s income for the past 18 years as Glenda is partially disabled and only can work from home making very little money. Glenda is asking for support from Ruth, but Ruth’s lawyer told Glenda that since they were never married, no judge would give Glenda alimony.
Do not cite or use blogs or law firm websites. Research the law itself.
To access Nexis Uni:
Click on the Library tab under Course Tools ( top of your screen).
Click on Research.
Under Research Tools, click on Databases ( Articles & eBooks)
Click on N and then click on Nexis Uni. Nexis Uni

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