To what extent is Who Governs a counter argument to Mills’ understanding of power in America?

In his “critique of the Ruling Elite Model,” Dahl advances a trenchant critique of Mill’s theory and approach, and to an important extent Dahl continues and expands this critique in Who Governs, often times without explicitly naming Mills. To what extent is Who Governs a counter argument to Mills’ understanding of power in America? Or is pluralist democracy just another power elite theory in disguise? Why or why not? Which theory do you find more convincing and why? In answering these questions make sure to make a clear understanding of each theory, and any fundamental differences or potential similarities.
Answer the questions in the above statement and focus on composing an essay. With this in mind, avoid summarizing (example: the experiment or rewriting of quotes) and instead focus on the argument and the way in which the concepts and argument offered by these thinkers help us answer the issues of disobedience.
Clear thesis: The essay Must have a clear argument.
Argument: The essay Must have a well developed argument in support of the thesis.
Organization: The essay Must be coherent and organized in a manner that facilitates readability and the development of the argument. Which also includes Spelling, Grammar, and Sentence Structure.
Citations: Must have citations in appropriate format (either as InTEXT citations or footnotes)? Example: Arendt Hannah. On Revolution. New York: Viking Press, 1963. OR Arendt Hannah. 1963. On Revolution (New York: Viking Press).

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