Draft a legal argument that is counter to your position in Part 1.

Part 1:
Pick any issue in healthcare law that interests you and draft a legal argument in support of your position. This can be something we have touched on this semester or something else that peaks your interest. This argument should include at least three sources. Your textbook can count as one of your sources.
Part 2:
Draft a legal argument that is counter to your position in Part 1. Part 2 should also have at least three sources.
You should have at least six sources total. One of the six sources can be your text. This assignment is open for several weeks and is extra credit so I expect high quality work from you. Your arguments should be clear, concise, well-written and free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. Additionally, you are required to use APA formatting. You will NOT get credit for writing a “my opinion is” discussion board. Your arguments must be supported by your sources and in-text citations are required.

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