Write up a one page (double spaced) reflection about what you learned, why you chose this event, why this topic is of interest to you

This module’s Be The Change Activity will require you to attend a meeting either on campus, in the local community, or at home virtually related to policy advocacy or decision-making. While there is a lot of flexibility in the type of activity you attend, you will need to justify how it relates to the course and how social change occurs as a result. You are NOT allowed to include a group or meeting in which you are already active or a member.
You may have a concern about access to a community meeting given your geographic location and time of year given meetings may not be occurring within the timeframe of this assignment.
Here are some suggestions:
Look for groups in the community where you live that have recordings of past in-person or virtual meetings:
For example,
City of Chicago video records Council meetings https://www.chicityclerk.com/city-council-news-central (Links to an external site.)
New York City video records Council meetings: https://councilnyc.viebit.com/player.php?hash=UQW3wtWNAR5F (Links to an external site.)
Citicable in Hamilton County records https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/citicable/meetings/ (Links to an external site.)
Cincinnati City Council meetings
Hamilton County Commissioner meeting
Cincinnati Board of Health
Hamilton County Public Library
If you locate an online meeting or recorded meeting, include the link to what you viewed in your submission.
You have two components to this assignment. Upload something from the meeting that shows you attended. This could be an agenda or a picture of you at the venue (be thoughtful of the rules related to photography and taking pictures of others present). If you attended a virtual meeting, be sure to include the link and if possible, a screen shot of the session.
Write up a one page (double spaced) reflection about what you learned, why you chose this event, why this topic is of interest to you, what role you could play in the future to make a difference in this area etc.

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