What would the data look like if it indeed supports your hypothesis?

Adolescent Development, SP22
Unit 1 Exam
5 questions, 20 points each
Please answer the following questions, creating your own document to upload into the Dropbox. You are able to use your text and notes to craft your answers, but know that the open-book nature of this exam means two things.
1. I am looking for well-thought-out and well-explained responses to questions that show a clear understanding of the material and how the course content is integrated. Examples you use should be clearly explicated so that you do not leave me (the grader) guessing why you chose such an example or included this information. Know that an answer that is full of cited content from the text will not earn a good grade as this is supposed to be the product of your thinking and not a summary of source material. So do not create word-salad, a Hodge-podge of terminology that is not used purposefully.
2. I will be checking for plagiarism, so if you do use a source in your answer, give them credit. (I do want to highlight that seeking out additional sources beyond the text, the lectures, and your own intellect and reflection is not necessary to do well on any of the unit exams.)
1. I would like you to design (on paper) two research studies that would address topics within the field of adolescent development. Each of the studies will be equally weighted in points allotted for this question. Here are the specifics:
• You need to create 1 experimental design and 1 correlational design.
• Both of the studies must address questions about development during the adolescent time period (11-21), and should not pertain to studies already summarized in the text.
• Your designs may not pertain to the treatment of any type of disorder.
• Your topics may be specific to a question within any of the three domains of development: physical, cognitive, or social and emotional development.
• Be precise in outlining your designs. Clearly state your—
o Hypothesis
o Variables and how you will define and measure them
o Who is the subject pool and where will you recruit them
o Exact measures for gathering data, inclusive of limitations of these measures
o Length of study and rationale behind that time line
o And use of the correct terms, such as longitudinal or quasi-experimental
o For the correlational study, address why we cannot imply a causal nature to the relationship between the variables.
• Assume all went well with your study, yay you! What therefore can be concluded by your research? What would the data look like if it indeed supports your hypothesis?
(Feel free to organize this question response in bullets, as I have here. It does not need to be put into narrative paragraphs.)

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