what was it like communicating in a time without cell phones?

Identify a family member or friend who is at least 18 years older than you. Conduct an interview with them in which you ask them to respond to the interview questions you created in recitation.
what was it like communicating in a time without cell phones?
Who initiated the date?
Where did you and so in so meet?
these are generic questions that don’t necessarily have to be used.
In your short (2-3 page) paper, summarize how dating is different for you now compared to when they were closer to your age.
This should not be transcriipt of the interview. You should review the interviewee’s responses and compare them to your own experiences. The content of your paper will largely be driven by the questions you ask in the interview, so think about how you would respond to those same questions.
You will demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between your own experiences and those of the person you interviewed. You must apply at least two concepts, terms, models and/or theories from Chapter 8 to your summary and analysis. You should include one direct quote from your interviewee that supports or illustrates your thesis/argument.
(I have attached the best theories that would apply well to this assignment under files))
The paper must meet the following criteria:
State an analytical thesis/topic statement
Even reflection papers need to ordered around a thesis (central idea that is supported in the paper that follows)
Support the thesis
Demonstrate critical thinking
Refer to personal responses and experiences
Demonstrate knowledge of concepts covered in the paper
Indicate practical implications of your analysis
Cite your textbook –
Adhere to APA style
Be approximately 2-pages long (not including references)
Double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font
No cover page, no cutting and pasting of question
Must be saved and submitted to Canvas as a Word document

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