What is the rationale for the political differences?

Step #1–Briefing Research Paper Step 1 is the first of 3 steps of the assignment.
EAch person needs to submit Step 1 of their paper; as well as make 1 comment on another submission (that is 2 different posts) Guidelines on comments will be posted below .
Step #1 will describe:
the topic chosen—it can be a descriiption of a political prisoner or a political movement
an overview of the background of the situation in the country. Would it be possible to describe the people who live in the country? What is the population? How large a countryTheir religion? their language?, their race?, How many live in the city? How many live in the country?
Is the situation different now then when the topic occurred? Another way to say this is to please descrbe the cultural, social context, demographics, and whether it affects an entire country or regions, or a smaller regions.
Students will research the topic they have chosen. The initial research is to define the issue or topic, the country or group involved, and the historical context. .
Students can present the information in a traditional Research Briefing Paper; or use a Briefing Memo format to present this information in the DB.
Please review handouts writing.
Each student is expected to have 1 entry which will include the first 2 steps of the Research Briefing Paper–please cut and paste the document in the DB as well as attaching a word document.–NO PDF FILES
No need to write Headings 1,2,3–the idea is to show the heading and use a descriiption as it applies to each indibvidual project; I.e.
Example: Political Imprisonment in Chile
Examining Chilean social, political, historical, religious, and culture
La Unidad Popular–the popular unity government–a coalition of socialist and progessive forces that were elected to power in 1970.
Organization of Step 1–Research Briefing Paper
Heading #1–Definition of the situation: What is the social, political, historical, religious, cultural context?
What is the country (s) involved?
Who lives in this country? What is the total population? What is the breakdown according to the different social, ethnic, religious, racial, geographic, or tribal groups involved?
What is the current situation? Over how many years did it develop?
What are the economics, land, or resource issues?
Heading #2—What or who is the political group involved?
What are the different political sides involved? Who is in-power? And who is excluded from power?
How many people involved in the struggle? Is violent or non-violent?
What is the rationale for the political differences?
Brief history of this group—what years has this been happening? Is there an historical context?

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