What is the intended audience level of this source and is it appropriate for your topic?

Purpose: This assignment allows you to go through each of your sources specifically, using the
RADAR method to analyze each one. Building on your annotated bibliography, and your growing
knowledge of your research question, you will compose a fully developed argument around your re-
search question – you will use the appropriate evidence in order to persuade your audience – your
class – of your well thought out, well structured, and well researched opinion on the issue.
What is it? An annotation is a brief evaluative summary of a book, article, or other publication. A
bibliography is a list of resources cited in a consistent style format (such as MLA). An annotated bib-
liography, then, is a list of cited sources with explanations centering around one topic or research
question. The purpose is to help the reader of the bibliography understand the uses of each source and
the relationships of one source to another.
Your Assignment: You are going to compile 6-8 sources on the same topic for this annotated bibli-
ography, cited in proper MLA format. .
Specific Instructions: Follow these steps when writing each of your annotations.
Step 1: Citation: Cite the source correctly using a referencing style (such as MLA).
Step 2: Relevance/Main Purpose: How does this source relate to your topic? What does this source
add to the general knowledge on your topic?
Step 3: Relevance/Audience: What is the intended audience level of this source and is it appropriate
for your topic?
Step 4: Authority/Author: Qualifications of the author (e.g., John Smith, a Russian history professor
at USC, based his research on recently discovered documents). Is this source cited by other sources
writing on the same topic?
Step 5: Accuracy/Evidence: Are the author’s claims supported by evidence in the form of references,
citations, endnotes, or a bibliography?
Step 6: Rationale/Bias: Is there a bias in relation to your topic (e.g., “However, Smith’s case is
somewhat weakened by an anti-German bias”)? State whether or not bias is present.

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