What is the importance of positive messaging?

Week 2 discussion
1. What is the importance of positive messaging? How can you convey positive messages about yourself in your professional communications?
The way in which we convey a message can actually set the tone for becoming positive or negative. In my opinion, not all messaging will be positive. Nobody likes to hear negative news therefore, it is important that all messaging should be in a one where it can be taken as positive although negative. This gives the person hearing the message a neutral understanding. This is why it is very important to “read the person” or the room. You will then be able to analyze the emotions and feelings of the audience. This can also be achieved by utilizing Maslow’s hierarchy of requirements in module eight (Locker and Kaczmarek, 2008). Once these techniques are communicated professionally, in most cases, the audience will see things from the point of view and be counted. I am an Assistant Bank Manager and in my position sometimes you have to convey messages or news sometimes to employees and customers that I know they may not like. In order for me to convey this positive messaging I usually ensure my audience is comfortable, so I would ask them if they want a cup of coffee or water and get my assistant to prepare it. Then during the conversation I try to relate the messaging by using my past experience or encouraging the person to see that they are not isolated and I often end by offering my help and asking them to go and think about our discussion and let me know if they have any additional thoughts or concerns on the subject.
Positive messaging also leads to two way communication as well as a less hostel environment (The importance of positive communication).
2. Using the PAIBOC method, analyze one of the following artifacts (see below). Use the guiding questions to craft your response. Be sure to respond to each of the questions. Please choose a different artifact than the one chosen by the peer who posted immediately before you.
Advertisement Billboard
Purpose: What is your purpose for the artifact? It is used to advertise weight loss products. What it is also doing using sexual pictures, a female in lingere to grasp peoples attention on play on peoples emotins and self esteem.
Audience: Who is your intended audience? It is mainly targeted to females who wish to have that body but males are attracted to the view.
Information: What is the most pertinent information conveyed? The most pertinent information conveyed is the sexual and the emotional test through body image.
Benefits: How does the information benefit the perceived audience? It allows the females to feel positive that they can achieve the body by taking the product.
Objections: What might someone object to? Someone may feel stereotyped if their body does not look like the Billboard.
Context: What is the context for this communication? The implications is that if you want to fit in a bikini or lingerie you need the product or you will not be accepted.
The importance of positive communication. Fresh Perspective. (n.d.). Retrieved March 13, 2022, from https://fp-resourcing.co.uk/the-importance-of-positive-communication/#:~:text=When%20you%20communicate

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