What drew you into the work? What made it difficult to access?

2) Respond to ONE of the essays in the form of a short video response addressing the following:
Complete your assigned reading prior to participating in this discussion.
Make sure you begin your video by letting your audience know which short essay you will be responding to.
Consider these questions:
What drew you into the work? What made it difficult to access?
What’s unique or surprising about the work? (This could be language, image, structure, focus, or something else.)
How does this author make use of the techniques of writing we’ve discussed and how does this impact the work?
What can you learn from this work/author that you can use in your own writing?
Your video post should be 2-3 minutes.
No citations needed.
Thoroughly answer the questions listed above.

All or Nothing, Self-Portrait at Twenty-Seven

The Heart as a Torn Muscle

So Little


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