reflect division about values.

This brief essay should be between 500-750 words (roughly 2-3 double-spaced pages).
Remember not to duplicate analysis of artwork from your short answer or the essay. You may
reconsider a piece or an artist provided that the analysis you include here is unique to this
answer. Do not forget when mentioning artwork to include Artist, “Title” (Year) the first time
it’s mentioned. (If the artist is clear from context, you don’t need to repeat that again.)
a) Follow all instructions in Canvas regarding this assignment. Formatting! Citations! Etc.!
b) Answer only ONE of the two prompts.
c) Consider writing out your answer in advance, then cut and paste it into the appropriate space
in Canvas.
1. Culture helps a people to transmit its values from one generation to the next. Art is an important means of conveying those values. In a period of divided culture we might
expect the art to reflect division about values. In your essay, consider the role of art as
described by Lippman in A Preface to Morality (Week 5 assigned reading). Then
highlight three pieces of art that you think manifest some disagreement regarding moral
values. The works you select should not all be on the same issue! Be sure to explain the
underlying context of each piece as well as the moral values you believe to be at
stake. In addition to Lippman, you should incorporate examples from at least two other
assigned readings.
2. In our divided culture, disputes about morality explain many of the divisions. Among the most potent of these disputes are those that center on control over the body. Pick two of
the following themes to approach a discussion of the body in the culture war. How you
define the theme’s parameter’s is largely left to you (though you should offer some
explanation of what the theme means to you). For each theme, identify two discrete
works of art that exemplify that theme.
 public display of the body;
 celebrating sexuality and the body;
 using the body to protest policy;
 using the body to normalize the deviant
Hints: You could select works by four different artists because the individual pieces of
art strike your fancy. Or, you could use four different pieces from a single artist—but if
you do that be unify the two thematic discussions into a summary of the artist’s career.
If relevant, sprinkle in references to assigned reading—that always adds authority to a
paper. Don’t forget the citations!

Under my Skin Artists Explore Race in the 21st Century

Arts & Culture Remain Less Important To Younger Generations (DATA)

Document, Protest, Memorial: AIDS in the Art World

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