Is The Tech Trap anything we should worry over?

The Rationale
Technological advances are great! Or are they? In “The Judgement of Thamus,” author Neil Postman makes the claim that ancient King Thamus’ assessment of the technology of writing is not entirely accurate because King Thamus claims that “writing will be a burden to society and nothing but a burden” (Postman 152). Postman asserts that while King Thamus was wise, he was also short-sighted in that Thamus was failing to acknowledge there could even possibly be any societal benefits to this new technology.
In “Escape from the Matrix,” Jacob Burak defines and discussed FoMO, the fear of missing out, phenomenon that many people experience today. Daniel J. Solove wrote an essay weighing the pros and cons of security vs. privacy called, “Why ‘Security’ Keeps Winning Out Over Privacy.” All these authors have concerns regarding the need for technology of some fashion and the potential for humanity to fall into a Tech Trap.
Do you agree with any or all of the authors? Why or why not? Is The Tech Trap anything we should worry over?
The Task
In a 5-6-page argumentative essay, define how you understand The Tech Trap and discuss if, how, and why it is an issue.
Use at least 2 in-class readings and 2 sources from outside class to make and support your claim and to discuss counterarguments. You can also use your sources to help you define what The Tech Trap is by giving them as examples.
You will need two (2) different points of support for your claim, with each point of support being discussed over a minimum of two (2) paragraphs. You will need one (1) counterpoint immediately following the associated point and also discussed over two (2) paragraphs. After your counterpoint, you will give a one (1) paragraph—minimum—rebuttal to the counterpoint. Considering that a typical paragraph is roughly ½ page, these requirements, along with an intro & conclusion will easily get you beyond five (5) pages, especially if your intro is at least two (2) paragraphs and your conclusion has a call-to-action and answers “So what? Who cares?” And make sure to add section headings.
In class readings links
—you can use which two of the three to use for the argument, and I attached the two outside sources for you to use.—-
***essay in APA format***

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