“Is it possible to think or come to know something without using language?”

first paragraph :In reflecting on the topics of this chapter such as knowledge, truth, belief, and related ideas, we considered that some philosophers have argued that the use of language is a necessary instrument for thinking to take place and to know anything at all about the world. Using language involves words, ideas, gestures, concepts, or some method of communication. Provide your response to this question: “Is it possible to think or come to know something without using language?”
Second paragraph: After examining the range of philosophical traditions surveyed in this chapter, provide your response to the following question: “In considering the variations among world philosophical traditions, what are some specific examples of similarities and differences that you noticed?”
Third Paragraph: After reading Ch 10 “Beauty” in our course text The Big Questions, provide a response in about a paragraph (or more) to one of the questions that appear in the “Opening Questions” section in the beginning of the chapter or one of the questions in the “Closing Questions” section at the end of the chapter (you may use the Canvas textbox to enter your response or upload a Word/PDF file

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