Global Health Contrast and Comparison

Directions: Submit responses to the discussion prompts listed below to the Healthcare Delivery Activity link in Blackboard Module 1.
• Construct responses to the following discussion prompts using APA format, double spaced, 3-4 pages in length. Title page, introduction, and conclusion not necessary.
• Utilize proper grammar and format in-text citations and references in APA format.
• Access the links below or find other scholarly sources to develop responses:
o Global Health Initiatives:
 World Health Organization
 CDC Center for Global Health
 US Aid Global Health
o Quadruple Aim Documents
 From Triple to Quadruple Aim Article:
 The Quadruple Aim
• Use the attached rubric to develop each required element of the activity.
1. Global Health Contrast and Comparison
a. Identify a specific (this should not be a broad overarching goal, but rather a specifically targeted goal) related to a global health initiative. Refer to links above.
b. Compare how the above goal is impacted by nursing in the United States, versus how it is impacted by nursing in another country of your choosing. Specifically name the other country you have chosen, and be specific about how nursing practices in that country impact the goal.
c. Limit response to 1 page.
2. Triple (Quadruple Aim) Analysis
a. Review the Knickman and Elbel text pgs. 36 – 37 which discusses the Triple Aim and the web link which discusses the Quadruple Aim. See link above.
b. Concisely describe the 4th Aim “Improved Clinician Experience” and how this goal influences each of the other 3 goals for the delivery of high value healthcare.
c. Limit response to 2-3 pages.
3. Utilize at least 2 scholarly references (within the past 5 years) in addition to the textbook and the Quadruple Aim website. Reference in APA style.
Please have the Global health initiative specifically and correctly identified, detailed comparison of nursing impact on the goal in the U.S. and nursing impact on the goal in another country, and clear descriiption of the relationship between the 4th Aim and the other 3 Aims. Also use Correct use of grammar and application of APA
1 page for the first part and 2 pages for the second part.

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