Develop a media journal/commentary comprising a selection of media

Develop a media journal/commentary comprising a selection of media examples that you encounter during the course of the semester that respond to a seminal concept in a select lesson. There is a minimum of 4 entries. Examples can include memes, ads, PSAs, headline, etc. Use one media example for each entry (4 entries = 4 examples).
For this semester our focus will be on the four following themes:
1. Climate Change: This theme relates to the issue of climate change and its coverage in the media (including social media).
2. Contemporary Television: This theme relates directly to what you view and consume in television in your everyday life. (Contemporary television is received not only through dedicated traditional TVs screens, but through a range of mobile technological devices).
3. Human Rights: This theme relates to human rights stories, events problems, questions etc. covered by and mediated through media.
4. Education: This theme relates to how propaganda can be described or located as a part of your own education or knowledge formation
Develop an informed 300-word discussion on each of your examples that shows your application and understanding of core themes of the lessons. Relate the example to a lesson in an informed, critical way. Your posts may respond to any of the following:
• How can your example be read through a reading of the selected lesson?
• What does your example say about propaganda?
• Show how your learning of propaganda informs your reading of this media example
This assignment is designed to develop your knowledge of propaganda acquired through this course. It also allows you to apply the theories and examples to media that you encounter in your daily life.
You can include pictures and links, but no videos. It is suggested that you develop a complimentary word document throughout the semester to gather your information.
Assignment guidelines
• Minimum entries: 4
• Identify your example
• Sources for each example should also be noted
• Identify the lesson related to your example
Grading criteria
• The pertinence of your example in relation to propaganda
• The use of the selected lesson and course themes in your discussion
• The quality of the discussion of your example

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