Choose the medium you are most interested in. It might be painting, masks, ceramics or stone sculptures, etc.

Steps in preparation for you Art Curator Project PREP
Read The Art Curator Project FINAL Guidelines in Course Resources to understand what you are moving towards.
Read “Topics for The Art Curator Project” in Course Resources.
Review links, videos to help you choose one of the topics for your Art Curator Project.
Scan through the book and note what art works catch your attention. Trust this instinct. Note which artworks or eras you’ve already written analyses or comparisons. Choose the medium you are most interested in. It might be painting, masks, ceramics or stone sculptures, etc.
Find at least 2 artists you are interested in studying further.
Find at least 6 artworks of these artists that you are interested in including in your art exhibition. Note: Up to 2 of the 6 arts works may come from the textbook. Find the rest from reliable sources such as museum sites and the Course Resources in each Week. Be sure to include identification and cite your sources correctly in MLA format. MLA Formatting and how to cite correctly is at:
Once you have the art works selected:
Identify each work: culture, location, date, medium, artist, location
In one or two sentences, explain why you selected each work. This is the beginning of a thesis. Not just your opinion but moving towards what you want to prove to us about your selections. Refer to the questions under each topic.
Required items for your Art Curator Project
Selected Topic from list
Thesis statement
Introductory paragraph: Begin with a “hook,” then introduce your topic in 3-4 sentences, and include your thesis statement as the last sentence in the introduction. As a reminder, the thesis statement provides a strong central argument for the paper, not a statement of your paper’s topic.
Create a 300+ Outline of your paper. Be sure to include 2/artists at least and all 6 artworks and why selected (i.e. how each one supports your thesis and relates to the topic.) This should indicate how you will break down your topic and how you intend to support your thesis. The outline should be in outline format that clearly shows your paper’s organization and hierarchy of ideas. You are expected to submit at least one full written page of specific researched detail for your paper, not an outline with placeholders for future information.
Include images of the artworks, with links and correctly cited and identified in a format to match the textbook captions

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