Why is there so little mention of men in the stories of these Brazilian women?

Country people were by no means isolated. As the cities expanded outward, the separation between country and city lessened. Maria Luiza Melo Carvalho, a documentary photographer, interviewed and photographed women at work in Brazil. The seven women quoted here lived in the region around the rapidly expanding city of Belo Horizonte. None of these women fit the traditional descriiption of a country person.
Read the attached document and answer the following questions:
1. Why does Ninoce prefer gold mining to piece work in the factories?
2. Why were women drawn to crafts?
3. Why is there so little mention of men in the stories of these Brazilian women?
You should not use any outside sources beyond the actual documents to complete this assignment. It is intended to be your own analysis and reflections, not based on what you found on the internet.
Each question must be answered in full sentences and paragraphs and a minimum of a 150-word response (approximately 1/2 page). Even if the assignment has multiple questions, your total response is still a minimum of 150 words (not 150 words per question). Retyping the question, headers, and long quotes are not counted toward your minimum required response. Please copy/paste the question and put your response below in a 12 point font. If there are multiple questions, then you should copy question #1, put your answer below it, then copy question #2, put your answer below it, and so on.
Any direct quotes used from the document should be put in quotation marks but it does not need a citation. Since you are only allowed to use the primary (attached) document as your source, you only need to put quotation marks around the direct quote. All other parts of your response should be in your own words. Copying a sentence and changing a few words in that sentence is plagiarism, so be sure you are careful in your submissions.

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