What’s Inside The Griffith Observatory ?

If you can not visit Griffith or any other observatory for any reason, then you can do this 2nd option with both parts (a) and (b) as follows:
(a) Watch the following Video, titled:
What’s Inside The Griffith Observatory ? (24:57 min)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEeBFi89Gfs (Links to an external site.)
and also
(b) Visit the Website of the Griffith Observatory in details at
www.griffithobservatory.org (Links to an external site.)
Then combine the information and knowledge that you get from the video and the website and then write about a 5 page long report with text and pictures in any reasonable format of your choice. Then submit it on the assignment page by the due date.
However, if you can visit he Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, then please read the following Guidelines that I have described in details:
Dear Students,
Griffith Observatory visit is an exciting trip that is very educational and eye-opening about the world and the universe for you and for your family and friends who can accompany you during your visit to this observatory. Please make sure to take your camera or smart phone with you to take some pictures at the Griffith Observatory during this trip. Please also make sure to take a picture of yourself along with your family and friends who accompany you in this trip and take this group photo right at the tall statues of the Astronomers-Physicists in the front yard of the Observatory and keep the observatory itself in the background of your picture. Then include that picture in the front page of your Trip Report and submit it online in the Canvas Course Shell.
Griffith Observatory is a Physics and Astronomy Museum with planetarium shows, many scientific displays, and also the telescopes to see the Moon, the Planets, the Stars and Galaxies in the night sky, and also a spectacular view of the Los Angeles downtown and the surrounding greater LA-Valley up to the LAX and Pacific Ocean and also the “Hollywood” sign. This is an Assignment in Module-4 (which will come at about half way into the semester). This is a very educational and enjoyable trip to Griffith Observatory and I suggest you take your children, spouse, siblings, parents and friends with you when you make this trip to the Griffith Observatory and they all will like it. The Griffith Observatory is located up on the Griffith Park hill/mountain near “Hollywood” Sign and near downtown Los Angeles.
When you go to Griffith Observatory, please go there at least 3 hours before the sunset to go through the Museum displays and also to watch the space-show inside the Planetarium, and then plan to stay there for another 2 hours after sunset in order to look through the telescope to look at the Moon, the Planets, the Stars and Galaxies at the night sky. So, plan for about 5 to 6 hours there and you will enjoy the whole time. The Griffith Observatory also has cafeteria there to eat and a gift-shop there to buy gifts for your family members and friends.
Please read this WORD file on Griffith Observatory Visit Guide very carefully and familiarize yourself about the details of this educational and entertaining trip. After the trip you will need to write a 5 -page report with pictures and descriiptions and then submit it to the Assignment page online in Module-4 of the Canvas Course shell for me to review it and grade it. Enjoy the visit, have fun and learn a lot.
Please let me know if you have any questions related to this Griffith visit assignment.
Please visit the Observatory Website at www.griffithobservatory.org and call them ahead of time at 213-473-0800 to find out some preliminary information about the observatory, the planetarium show times and the parking advisory. They may recommend to take a shuttle and so please follow their advice and suggestions.

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