What should Morgan do?

Activity 1
Research the general facts of diabetes to better address Morgan’s concerns. Your main objectives are the
1. Distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by comparing and contrasting their definitions,
bodily effects, warning signs, target groups, and current treatments in a table.
2. Look up statistics to share concerning both types of diabetes.
3. Know the function of insulin and its involvement with diabetes.
4. Answer the following question: Recent studies on mice have shown that fat cells produce a
hormone called resistin that leads to insulin resistance. Researchers believe the gene that
regulates the production of resistin is overactive in those suffering from obesity. How does this
discovery correlate with Type 2 diabetes
Activity 2
What should Morgan do? Research the pros and cons of the Atkins’ Diet, a diet high in fiber and low in
saturated fat. Also, research health store supplements containing the herb ephedra (ephedrine). Find out
what major healthcare organizations say about these. And learn about the possible effects of exercise to
control weight. Be prepared to be split into three groups where each group will role-play and defend the
viewpoint of Savannah, Alan, or the grandfather in a debate. You should learn about the pros and cons
of each viewpoint in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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