What impact and influence does each stakeholder have?

Please discuss an ethical dilemma in which you are currently involved, or which has occurred in the recent past. Please note, you must select a topic that is about you, not a topic in the news. Topics that are not about you will not meet the criteria. All papers will be kept confidential. For this assignment, you must reflect on this dilemma and analyze the positions of stakeholders in this dilemma. You need to apply course concepts based on assigned readings or videos, which should be appropriately cited, to your analysis of the dilemma. This analysis should contain a balanced mix of opinion supported by facts. Please provide specific examples and discussion points from the content to support and explain your argument. The format of the paper can be flexible, but should include at least the following:
1) A BRIEF overview of the current situation
2) A complete stakeholder analysis:
a.) What is the ethical dilemma, and who are the key stakeholders?
b.) Analyze the dilemma and stakeholders’ roles based in any course material we have covered.
c.) What impact and influence does each stakeholder have?
3) What options are available to you in this dilemma? (You should describe all available options, which may include optimal options, problematic options, likely or unlikely options, etc)
4) What course of action do you believe you will or should choose?
Your paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced is fine, in a APA format.

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