What do you think of the more restrictive philosophers regarding epistemology?

What do you think of the more restrictive philosophers regarding epistemology? Clifford argues that there is no belief so inconsequential that it does have some effect upon the world. When we believe something, it influences our actions, our speech, our political decisions etc. Philosophers like Hume, are very concerned that propositions are accepted as knowledge that concern things that can’t be investigated, nor can be shown to be internally consistent in such a way that would have any real implication for the world. Thinking back to some of our earlier topics, do you think that they have a point? Consider Plato’s view of democracy for example. He was concerned that people who are easily mislead would have the ability to have an effect upon the political decisions that determine the course of the state. Nietzsche was concerned that we still have to contend with the metaphysical assessments and ethical prescriiptions of a nomadic tribe lost in the desert during the bronze age. The god of those people has never been in evidence, and yet we continue to allow such ideas to shape our culture, despite a long history of intellectual stagnation, hypocrisy, wars and intolerance. Would the world be a better place if we only believed what can be demonstrated to be true? Do you think that believing things that are beyond demonstration, slows the development of the human intellect, thereby preventing a society based upon real human understanding?

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