What are the potential risks of patients not disclosing OTC vitamin

Over-the-counter Vitamins and Supplements
Vitamins and supplements are not reviewed by the FDA prior to being marketed per the law: Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. That means no entity is checking these vitamins and supplements for accuracy on labeling, safety, composition or claims.
Should OTC vitamins and supplements be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
What are the potential risks of patients not disclosing OTC vitamin and supplement use to their health care providers?
Should certain vitamins and supplements require a prescriiption? (Hint – certain Vitamins directly affect bone physiology)
Choose a specific OTC vitamin or supplement and discuss the questions posed above as they pertain to your chosen product. Evidence used to support your views should include information on the specific anatomy and physiology of the body system(s) your product claims to affect.
It’s vitally important with this topic that you find credible sources and real experimental published studies, not consumer websites.
Your initial post is due by Thursday and should follow the rubric. Click on the three periods above right and choose show rubric. Items to be sure you include are research information from your textbook, the module or an appropriate outside source, properly referenced with a citation. Be sure you are addressing the actual topic, very rarely is a definition style answer appropriate. We want to know your thoughts, based on the research you have done, not copy/pasted from the internet.
Your initial post must contain at least one reputable source other than your textbook or those listed above.
You must respond to at least 2 students. Your responses to other students must be more substantial than how much you agree/disagree or like/dislike their post. It must address THEIR post, not yours. It must add new relevant information to the discussion and integrate multiple views or outside sources (with citations). You will not be able to see their responses until you post your own.
Citations (required in all posts) – Any quoted or paraphrased material must follow APA guidelines for inline citations and Works Cited. Just a web address is not a proper citation. Link to OCC Site on Plagiarism

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