what actions can you take to prevent human factors incidents and accidents?

The video linked below provides a review of different CRM accidents, SHEL model, crew communication, and processes. Approximately 80 percent of all accidents are related to human factors (FAA, 2016, p.2. 2).
Crew Resource Management CRM (YouTube – 13:10)
Please number and state each question/statement and write a separate paragraph or paragraphs for each answer.
A brief introduction of human factors.
Summarize different problems or failures related to human factors. You may use accident reports, videos, and research documents located in Hunt Library.
Since you have just been promoted to management, what actions can you take to prevent human factors incidents and accidents? Please consider the management functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.
Include a Cover Page
Cover page includes your name, date, Course #, and Module Assignment #, Title.
Give each answer in its separate paragraph(s).
500 words minimum, not including References or Cover Page
The paper should be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors.
Citations and references must be in current APA format.
Double Spaced
A minimum of 3 references, in the Reference section at the end of the paper, is required.
Two references must be scholarly, peer-reviewed, and from reputable sources.
One textbook reference is acceptable.

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