Was it a report of a study (research) or was it some other kind of academic paper?

I. Library Assignment: Article Review
This is an individual assignment, due on 03/15/2022 at 0900 (Week 9)
Using Southeastern College online library, locate one nursing article on one of the following topics (your choice). In order to learn more about the latest evidence-based treatment for these conditions, the article should be no older than 3 years.
For the review, include the following:
 A summary or overview of the article (what was it about).
 Was it a report of a study (research) or was it some other kind of academic paper?
 Who was the target audience for the article?
 Was the information easy to understand? Why or why not?
 List at least 3 interesting facts you learned from the article.
 Could you use any information in your clinical practice? If so, how?
 Would you recommend this article to other students? Why or why not?
 Was it evidence-based?
 Did the article make you want to find out more about the subject?
 Conclusion.
Research Topics (choose one):
1. Hypertension in the African American Community.
2. Diabetes in the Hispanic Community
3. Care of a client with glaucoma.
4. Management of the nutritional status of a patient with inflammatory bowel disease
5. Management of breast cancer
See the Rubrics in Blackboard for grading. Submit to Safe Assign prior to submission. The review should be between 750 and 1000 words, not counting Title and Reference pages; correct paraphrasing and citation must be used; paper must be submitted in APA format no later than 0900 on 03/10/2022
Submit the article for approval by 03/03/2022 (Week 8).
Points will be removed for failing to comply with any of the above, please review the rubrics.
Use Southeastern Library online peer reviewed nursing articles www.southeasternlibrary.com
This must be submitted at a minimum 75% proficiency to meet the passing requirements of the course. See the handbook re Plagiarism. Plagiarism whether intentional or unintentional will result in a grade of zero; and will require the paper to be rewritten and resubmitted for a maximum possible grade of 75%.

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