Perhaps the same artist has another piece in a similar vein?

The Final Exam questions may include some overlapping concepts. Or, you may be tempted to discuss specific works of art in more than one response. This will be especially true between the short answers and the two essays. It is the responsibility of the student to avoid substantive repetition in their answers. While you can discuss a given piece of art in more than one place, strive to ensure that discussion differs substantively in each spot. If you feel doubt, perhaps try to locate an alternate piece of art to discuss for one of the responses. (Perhaps the same artist has another piece in a similar vein?)
Please remember that when discussing artwork, a piece of art should be identified by the name of the artist, the title of the piece and, when known, the year it was created. You don’t always need to be super heavy-handed. If you’re having an extended discussion of Artist A, then you may not need to mention A’s name again when you bring up a specific piece of work. Just make sure the context includes all of these details!
When discussing reading assignments, please keep in mind that working the name of an author and the title of the quoted material into the context of your answer is not only helpful to reader comprehension, it usually adds authority to your argument.
When offering a direct quotation, your answer should always include a citation to a specific page. So long as the source material has been identified in the context of the answer, a parenthetical cite to the page will suffice. Otherwise, the parenthetical citation should specify the author, title, and page number from where you gleaned the quotation.
Footnotes always make an acceptable alternative to parenthetical citations.
Paraphrasing a source, in lieu of a direct quotation, is acceptable. Indeed, it often saves space. However, you still need a citation in these instances.
General information, even if new to you, does not require citation. (E.g., supplying dates or other objective facts, even if you learned it from a source would not require a citation.) Unique interpretations, ideas, notions, creativity–these do require citation. When in doubt, cite.
The Final Exam is not a research project. You are being tested on your mastery of materials assigned in this class. Please avoid referencing outside materials. (Even more important, if you do use them, don’t plagiarize them. Make sure any time you use someone else’s ideas, the source is credited with a proper citation!)

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