Foundations of Sociology

Length requirement (300 word min.)
After reading the assigned chapters, respond to the following questions.
If you were going to study why certain groups of people are more negatively impacted by the Coronavirus, which one of the three sociological theories (Structural Functionalism, Social Conflict or Symbolic Interactionism) discussed in Chapter 1 would you choose to frame your research and why? Who are the groups that are more negatively impacted? Why are they more negatively impacted? Your response must demonstrate that you understand the theory. Click on the following link for information on how to apply theory. How to Apply Theory to Empirical Phenomena-2
Thinking about the four research methods learned in Chapter 1, which research method would you choose to conduct the study and why? Your response must demonstrate that you understand how to utilize that method and the advantages and disadvantages of using your chosen method. (From your textbook.)
***Make sure to connect to Chapter 1 “Foundations of Sociology” and cite your resources internally and in a Reference List.
The book to be used is introduction to Sociology by Lumen Learning

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