focus on one dance form from South Asia, or to explore how one of the concepts above manifests in a specific dance tradition or community.

This essay should not exceed 1,250 words (approximately 5 pages or less)
For your second and final essay, please choose one of the following topics or concepts from this course of interest to you to explore more fully:
Issues of inequality, sex and/or gender as they are reflected in kathak (or other dances we have discussed) or the experiences and social standing of dancers
Choices and tensions related to the concepts of “tradition” and/or “innovation” in one or more of the dance forms we have studied
The relationship between dance and religious practice–for example, how Hindu concepts are reflected in kathak practice, or how kathak’s historical “Hindu-Muslim” synthesis is portrayed in literature on kathak and/or in elements of the dance
Issues in or challenges confronting scholarship on dance (This topic should include a survey and discussion of kathak scholarship.)
You might focus on one dance form from South Asia, or to explore how one of the concepts above manifests in a specific dance tradition or community.
If they are relevant to your essay, do draw from the readings already discussed in this class as well as other primary or secondary sources from the class (this can include websites, material from PowerPoint presentations used in discussion leading, or your own dance experience) and at least three additional scholarly sources not assigned in this class. You may also utilize other types of sources such as videos or websites.
While question #2 does not constitute a full-blown research paper, I do expect standard citation of materials (using any standard citation style such as APA or Chicago author-date style) and writing that is “academic” in style, rather than personal reflection or other styles of writing. (Question #1 can include relatively more personal reflection, but should also include source citation.)
This response should also have a thesis statement. Your thesis will be more successful the more specific you can make it. As we have seen, India is a profoundly diverse country, so please avoid generalizations about Indian culture, and instead write more specifically: for example, about a region, a class, or caste of people, a linguistic group, or about practitioners of a particular style of dance or music.
I look forward to reading your essays!

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