Find a country – member of the Euro Zone, or South America – that has a relatively small middle class.

**Please use at least 3 sources from the Wall Street Journal as facts**
Find a country – member of the Euro Zone, or South America – that has a
relatively small middle class. Use the US and the Euro Zone as the standard.
Make sure you understand what the euro zone means. (It is not the European
Union.) Tell specifically how big the middle class in the country selected.
Look at the performance of the stock market for that country. Draw two or
three conclusions about the financial and business prospects for that nation.
Do not select a country with a large middle class. It would be good to look at
efforts to build the middle class in the country you choose. Make your
conclusions sensible. For example, will the country’s wealth increase? How
would its business base grow? How will it protect its middle class in the
Use this checklist:
a. Make sure the country actually has “a relatively small middle class.” No German, Belgium, or Greece.
b. Always take good notes in class. If we discuss a particular country and
say that the middle class is such-and-such a percent, NEVER contradict
what is said by copying garbage from a blog. At least have the courtesy
to say you found a source that offered a different percentage.
c. NEVER copy anything without showing a source. Tell specifically where
it came from in proper bibliographic format.
d. “Financial and business prospects” should be taken seriously by an MBA
candidate. This does not mean a blogger’s opinion or a Facebook like. It
means that the country has – or does not have – good products and
services to sell. It does – or does not – have strong prospects for gaining
wealth in the years ahead. Use facts not opinions!

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