examine and compare two religious traditions.

This paper will examine and compare two religious traditions. First, you will name the two traditions reviewed in the paper. Next, you will provide basic information about each religious tradition. This should include core beliefs, sacred places, and scriiptures, rituals, regular practices, the community, and important leaders-past and present. Also, mention where the religion is most widely practiced in the world. Then you will compare and contrast the two traditions. The is the important part of the paper and should take up most of the text.
In the comparison, you will provide similarities between the traditions. That could be in practice, beliefs, or other areas. You will also point out some areas where the two traditions differ. Think about rituals such as marriages and funerals when comparing and contrasting.
The point of the paper is not to say one religion is better than the other, indicate one is wrong in any way, or compare your personal religious tradition. The purpose is solely to look at the two religious traditions to review what they are and how they compare to one another.
If you happen to visit a religious service during the class or have in the past, you can include that experiential information. It will be valuable. Your service visit could happen virtually. You might watch a streaming service or watch an archived service from one of the traditions.
The paper needs to be four (4) pages long, double spaced. Please use MLA formatting for citations and bibliography. There is no required number of sources. You may rely on information in the Modules or Internet pages, like Wikipedia. Make sure to cite your sources. Mostly, enjoy the process of looking into the world of two religious traditions!

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