Do you agree with your peer’s analysis of the function of this piece, or do you feel it is different?

Overview: For each art form that we cover a critique of the form will be performed to assess the understanding of the critical elements and contextual information that comprises an art form.
For this unit, you will choose a dance performance to share (using YouTube or other links to the video). Please remember to post an explicit lyric warning at the top of your post if the song contains potentially offensive language or subjects.
In your initial thread post, you will critique the piece that you have chosen and critique per the prompts and elements below.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Complete each section of the provided critique sections below.
In critiquing the piece, speak specifically to what elements are shown that make up the piece.
Address each section in full, notate elements and contextual information.
For the contextual information, you will be researching the history of the artist or the piece to show the functions and socio-historical significance.
Address personal connection through terms and elements covered in each section
In your peer engagement, you must reply to a minimum of two separate peer threads reflecting on the following:
What technical elements of the piece shared do you observe (how and why)?
Do you agree with your peer’s analysis of the function of this piece, or do you feel it is different?
What would you add to the observation of this piece?
For your chosen performance, first list the technical observations:
Title of Dance:
Dance company (if known)
Main Genre (Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Ritual, Folk, etc)
Observe at minimum four Composition Elements such as:
Composition Elements:
Rhythm & Force :
Beat, Tempo,( Do you notice any patterns? Hard action vs. Slow movements?):
Line, Form, & Repetition (Pause the performance if the dancer(s) were a sculpture how would the elements of the form appear?):
Mime & Pantomime (Are the dancers mimicking conversation or animals? Is there any form of sign language or language from the body moving?):
Theme, Image, & Storyline (Does the dance communicate ideas? Is there a narrative element? Are there non-narrative elements? Are there both? Does the music convey the same feelings as the dancers?):
Mise-en-Scène: (How is the space on stage used? Is there set designs to aid with the story? Is the floor being utilized (ballet vs. modern)? Are there costumes to help set the scenes and storyline? How is color being utilized?):
Lighting: (Is the lighting helping to highlight the dancers or hide off stage movements? Is the color of the lighting helping to set a mood?):
Second list the Contextual Information::
Time Period
Subgenre, Combined Genres?
Historical Information: (Such as attitude of the artist or culture regarding the art form or subject
What function or functions do you think that this piece serves? (Historical, Religious, Metaphysical, Sociopolitical, Therapeutic, Personal)
Third, why did you choose this piece? Judgment information:
Artisanship (Does the composition follow the basic elements that we have spoken about?
Is the dancing formal? Does it make lines that make a statement of emotion?):
How does it make you feel? (Does the dance production convey emotions to you, or make you feel emotions through the storyline and artisanship?):
What does it communicate?(Is there a story that is communicated? Is it making a statement about society or culture?):

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