demonstrate critical thinking by formulating a challenge to that argument or position.

I am simply going to copy and paste the instructions I received here.
“ Students are being asked to demonstrate their understanding of a specific
argument or position that is defended by one of the authors from the first part of the
course. Students are then asked to demonstrate critical thinking by formulating a
challenge to that argument or position. Students are also asked to talk about the
relevance of these ideas for contemporary life. Students will be assessed primarily on
how well they understand the text and can think critically about it.
Content: The paper needs to include these elements:
1) A thesis statement in the first paragraph. This should state whether the paper will
ultimately support or deny the philosophical theory. This will be the student’s opinion
supported by reasoning.
2) An explanation of one argument or position drawn from one of the thinkers. The idea
should be quite specific and the student should be able to identify it in the text. The
more specific the argument you consider, the more you will have to say about. Try to be
very clear about the evidence the author gives. These authors are all looking at human
behavior and history to support their points. How do they do it?
3) A counter-argument that attempts to find fault with the main argument. This should
not be simply an argument for the contrary position. It should try to find a specific
weakness in the argument. It can also present counter-evidence against a premise.
4) A defense of the thesis statement that either defends the argument or the counter-
5) A conclusion that suggests why the thesis is important for contemporary life. If your
thesis challenges or supports contemporary ideas about how life ought to be lived, what
does the thesis support or deny.”

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