brief project pitch for your final evaluation project.

This assignment is a brief project pitch for your final evaluation project. In a memo of no more than 500 words, please outline your idea for the program you wish to evaluate, and a basic sketch of your evaluation approach.
This may be completed individually, or in a group of no more than three people. If this is completed as a group, then there should be a distinct method of evaluating the program for every individual in the group. In other words, multiple people may evaluate the same program, but they must evaluate different evaluative criteria or theoretical mechanisms.
Your memo should keep in mind the final project guidelines, available on D2L. In particular, be sure to clearly define the program, evaluative criteria, a logic model for the program, and an empirical approach to rigorous evaluation.
This final assignment may be completed at any time you wish, however only one graded submission is allowed. Please upload your memo to D2L by the due date and time noted in the syllabus. Only one submission per group is necessary; please clearly label each submission with the names of each group member
It is an assignment connected to the final project; therefore I have also uploaded the guidelines for the final project for leading you to finish this assignment. Please follow the instruction carefully with details, Thank you
Also, I have uploaded the book that this assignment require.
Let me know if there are more information you need. Thanks again.

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