What is your personal definition of an effective performance management system?

Performance Management Connections
1. What is your personal definition of an effective performance management system? What role does Human Resources have in building an effective performance management system? How does effective HR analytics measurement play into this process? What are the ramifications of a poorly implemented system?
2. Performance Management is a continuous process of identifying and measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organization. Many organizations have systems that are labeled performance management but they are usually only a performance appraisal system. Contemplate the performance system of a company that you have worked for or currently work with.
Based on the Characteristics of an Ideal Performance Management System – how does the organization stack up? What is done effectively? What is done ineffectively? What would you change based on the readings and videos that you watched this week? (pick any job that’s generic, like a cashier, sales, customer service)
250 words per question and citation in APA

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