What is needed to make this agency/program/intervention better?

Appendix 1: Agency Review & Evaluation Paper
For this paper, all students must select an agency (or large program within an agency) that provides either prevention or intervention services for individuals, couples, or families who have experienced traumatic stress.
Using the Trauma and Recovery Services Program Evaluation Rubric provided in the Week 8 folder in the D2L course, as well as other information presented in the course, you will write a critical evaluation assessing the quality of the service for survivors. The assignment should adhere to the following outline:
I. Introduction (5 points)
Briefly identify the agency/program/intervention. Describe the purpose and background of the organization, the target population (who the agency serves), as well as the type of services provided.
II. Assessment (10 points)
For each criterion on the rubric provided in the D2L course, select a rating and provide a detailed rationale as to why you selected the rating you chose.
III. Strengths (5 points)
What does the agency/program/intervention do well? Identify and describe 2-3 strengths and discuss how these strengths may contribute to survivor healing and recovery.
IV. Suggested Improvements (5 points)
What is needed to make this agency/program/intervention better? Is the agency trauma-informed? Make at least 2 suggestions for improvement and describe how these changes can be implemented at the agency/program you chose.
V. References (5 points)
Please cite all references according to APA format in the text of the paper and in a separate APA-formatted reference section. A minimum of 3 evidence-based sources should be used.
Clear, error-free writing. This is an upper division course. Clear writing, using proper spelling and grammar, is expected.

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