identify how the claimsmaker (i.e., author) in this newspaper article or news program defines the social problem.

The demands on the public’s attention are greater than ever. The breadth and diversity of media options means fewer opportunities to capture an increasingly limited attention span.
Claimsmakers have to compete with this saturated media landscape—or media “noise”—as well as other, often competing claimsmakers to communicate their message about a social problem. Unfortunately, this can lead to extreme or potentially unethical methods to grab the audience’s attention, like using catchy titles rather than fully appropriate ones, or painting a grim picture of the social problem to exploit negativity bias.
Consider the subjectivist approach you learned about last week. Under this approach, social constructivism maintains that a condition needs to be perceived to be a problem and a threat to society. Claimsmakers help to build—or construct—this perception.
In the Discussion this week, you will consider how claimsmakers use specific strategies and tools to elicit responses from the public and construct their perception of a social problem.
To Prepare
For this Discussion post, you will use the social problem you identified in Week 2.
Conduct a search in Walden Library for one newspaper article on the social problem. You can also use a news segment from a news program.
By Day 4
In your post, share the source for your article or news segment. Then address the following:
In 2–3 sentences, identify how the claimsmaker (i.e., author) in this newspaper article or news program defines the social problem.
In 3–4 sentences, using your media source, explain how the claimsmaker uses statistics. Evaluate how well the statistics portray the reality of the problem.
In 3–4 sentences, describe the rhetorical device(s) the claimsmaker employs to capture the audience’s attention. Provide direct quotes to support your response. Evaluate how well the rhetoric portrays the reality of the problem.
In 3–4 sentences, describe the tone of the article or news program—what emotions are the claimsmaker attempting to evoke? Use direct quotes to support your response..
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