Mental/behavioral health services for low income children.

The topic and population : Mental/behavioral health services for low income children.
the student merely needs to specify what health issue they aim to tackle and on what population they wish to make an impact. A SHORT summary is required, and should state a precise health problem. For instance, the student could specify “improving colorectal cancer screening among adults” as opposed to “address cancer screening.” The first specifies a specific health problem and population, whereas the second does not (see rubric and example for details)
Naming the population is essential for 2 reasons. All problems don’t affect all populations (be specific with population) equally, so narrowing your scope (if appropriate) can increase the chances of success. Further, government is practiced on a geographical basis: the nation, states, counties, cities, for example. Your problem and ideas for solution need to match up with an appropriate, interesting jurisdiction/population.

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