Is there a court case that would help you illustrate your concerns to Susie? What were the facts/outcome of that case?

Assume the following facts: Your MWSU roommate (Susie) will graduate in May with a degree in elementary education. Susie is a devout Catholic and attends Mass (a religious Catholic church service) every week. Susie also teaches a Bible School class at the local Catholic Church every Sunday evening for children between the ages of 6 and 7.
During Bible School at the church, Susie shares age-appropriate scriipture and Bible Stories with the children. She reinforces the stories with puppet shows. One of her favorite puppets is named Noah. (Noah is a man who appears in the Old Testament. According to the biblical passages, Noah was chosen by God to survive a flood on an ark, along with two animals of every species.)
Susie also always wears a crucifix. (A crucifix is a cross necklace that symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ). She received the necklace when she was a child. She told you that she intends to wear the crucifix continuously for the rest of her life.
Susie just landed a job as a first-grade teacher with the Springfield, MO School District (a public school). Susie will begin her job next fall, and has already found an apartment and joined a Catholic Church in Springfield. She has decided to teach a Bible School class every Sunday at her new church beginning next fall.
Susie is so excited about her teaching job that she begins assembling her lesson plans. She shares those plans with you and asks for your input.
The focus of one of Susie’s proposed science lessons focuses on the weather. Susie has incorporated her “Noah” puppet show into her lesson plan. She wants to use the puppet show as a fun way to talk to the children about the power of flooding. Susie also lists a scriipture reading in that lesson plan. Susie plans to read the Old Testament scriipture aloud to the class after the puppet show to reinforce the power of the flood. Finally, as a reminder of a previous Phonics lesson, Susie will post posters depicting Noah on the classroom wall with an upper case “N” tacked above each poster.
What legal issues do you see in this scenario?
How would you explain the legal issues to Susie so that she can best protect HER OWN Constitutional rights – as well as the rights of her Springfield, MO first-grade students?
Is there a court case that would help you illustrate your concerns to Susie? What were the facts/outcome of that case?
Make sure to fully explain all of the legal aspects of this situation so that you can demonstrate the depth of your understanding of these issues.

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